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About the Stop Slavery Hub

The Stop Slavery Hub is a one-stop-shop for news, information and resources dedicated to the global fight against modern slavery. It serves the growing community of individuals, organisations, companies, donors, governments, and intergovernmental organisations engaged in putting an end to human trafficking. The Hub is a collaborative project that will showcase work from different actors in the field, including survivors.

What is Modern

Slaves are people coerced into working through force or fraud at no pay beyond subsistence. All types of slavery – including sex trafficking, debt bondage, domestic servitude and forced labour - rely on violence or the threat of violence. The Hub aims to shed light and share knowledge on this issue in order to prompt action.

According to the International Labor Organization and Walk Free Foundation, over 40 million people around the world are victims of modern slavery. Slavery is a hugely profitable business, one estimated to be worth $150 billion a year.

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Each year, we invite survivors and key players to tackle the big questions in the fight against slavery and trafficking and share their experience with hundreds of people in the room and thousands more watching online.

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Stop Slavery Award
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The Stop Slavery Award was launched by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in 2015 to recognise companies that have taken concrete steps to eradicate forced labour from their supply chains.

The aim is to create a virtuous cycle, a positive paradigm to demonstrate that business can play a critical role in putting an end to modern-day slavery worldwide.

Applications are accepted in the goods company and service company categories.

The initiative publicly recognises corporations that are 'best in class' at demonstrating integrity, courage and innovation in cleaning their supply chains.

This year, we have also launched the inaugural Stop Slavery Hero Award. The Hero Award recognises individuals who have had a significant impact in the fight to eradicate slavery – whether on the front lines, or at a global scale.

The Judges

The Stop Slavery Award Judging Board (below) brings together some of the world’s highest-profile leaders in the fight against slavery.

The Award
The Stop Slavery Award is a sculpture conceived by Anish Kapoor especially for this initiative. The artist first became involved with Trust Women in 2014, when he delivered a keynote speech on the important role art must play in raising public awareness of modern-day slavery.
Anish Kapoor has spent the past two years conceptualising the Award through a number of striking designs that encapsulate the complexity of the issue.
About the Thomson Reuters Foundation

The Thomson Reuters Foundation acts to promote the highest standards in journalism and spread the practice of legal pro bono worldwide. The organisation runs initiatives that inform, connect and empower people around the world: access to free legal assistance, editorial coverage of the world’s under-reported news, media development and training, and the Trust Conference.

The Foundation plays a thought leadership role in the fight against slavery and trafficking by raising awareness of the crime through authoritative reporting and journalism training, by providing free legal assistance and research to anti-slavery organisations, and by convening all the key players in the global fight against modern-day slavery at the Trust Conference.